Synk vs GoodSync vs Syncovery vs Chronosync. Comparison between syncing programs.

As mentioned in a prior blog, backing up is very important to us.  Over the years we've been tracking a handful of  NON-cloud Mac Syncing programs and have listed their positives and negatives for each program.  We will not go through each individual features, but will focus primary on the syncing speed and the ability for it to sync across all computers (more then two) quickly.  Block
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Gone overboard backing up Data.

Hello,Over the Christmas and New Year's, I struck up a conversation with a few people (on separate occasions) regarding backing up their data and syncing data across computers.I'm actually surprised that a not whole lot of people back up their data (or a weak way of backing up), especially since we have pretty much gone totally digital in way of documents, music, ibooks, and especially pictures &
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