Cable Test: Be careful!

We have been punting the fact that we sell Genuine Cables for years now, and we do. But we wanted to put some competitor's selling "Genuine" cables to the test to make sure that we are a cut above the rest. So we got our hands an a "Genuine" Surface cable from a seller on ebay.  Sure enough when we cut the cable this is what we found:

Four individual wires. Unlike the genuine Microsoft adapters.  The cable also feels far more rubbery.

For those not so au fait with Genuine Microsoft Parts, here is what they look like:

Shielded with center positive and a small blue wire. The cable also has a far less "rubbery" feel.

So be careful of knock-off cables out there!  Especially from E-bay and Amazon.  Just because they say Genuine, they are NOT!

We only sell Genuine Microsoft Cables not knockoffs!  We also give you piece of mind knowing you've got quality cables that you can rely on when you must depend on it!

Stay powered!
Mike Lee

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