Update on our Lawn ~ we went Solar!

Hi everyone,

I am sure you read the post I posted about our new dog that kept digging up our yard, and how I attached a battery to a transmitter that keeps dog's away from that spot?!

Well, here's the follow up:

I am truly proud to announce that our battery lasted a whole WEEK at a time! However, I was still not happy with having to recharge the battery every week. Sooooo....

Spoiler Alert!!!

We're testing out solar panels for potential combo kits with our batteries and thought it the perfect opportunity to put them to the test!

So I attached a Portable 60W solar panel to charge our 34,2AH "Executive" External Battery so that I would not have to change the battery once a week.  I am proud to announce that so far, after a week, the battery is still fully charged and the device is truly portable and maintenance free!

We would love to know what you think of our nifty device!

The solar panels are foldable, portable and will fully recharge our batteries in a day (might be less, but we're still testing :-)  )

Stay tuned for more info about our panels soon.

Stay powered up,


Mikegyver MCT - Corp

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