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Mikegyver Engineering Services

Do you have something that you want to run on pure DC power? Tired of using an inverter (bad, inefficient, could be dangerous)?

Our foundation was built on staying on PURE DC power for your devices. There is no sense in using an inverter that converts DC power to AC power, then only to have the adapter convert it back to DC power. That would have been what you'd needed to do if we didn't pioneer the effort for Macbook Car adapters, Batteries, and most recently Surface Pro tablets and books. Your devices are just happier on DC power!

How about and device like an Apple TV where you'd like to use it out in your Car or RV? We can convert those devices too! Or how about the new upcoming Homepod?

We don't charge unless we send you a working solution. There are times when it can become quite complicated.

If the project is simple we typically charge $49.95 (initial fee non-refundable). You will be required to send in your devices to be converted. For some items such as power adapters, we may have to tear them apart. We will not return those items.
If your project is more difficult, over an hour, we'll contact you. Our additional fees are 100/hour (if there is an opportunity for joint venture, we'll work with you). If however at the end of the project we cannot convert your device, we will issue you full refund (minus initial fee) and send everything back in original condition the best we can. Please contact us for evaluation and estimate beforehand.

It does not end here, contact us as you might simply need some low power engineering help for your next great gadget!


Mikegyver Engineering


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