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Magsafe 2 Cable

  • Magsafe 2 Cable

Genuine "Magsafe 2" Macbook cable with Barrel connector.

This is the new "Magsafe 2" cables for the Macbook Pro Retina and mid 2012 Macbook Airs.
All parts 100% Genuine Apple, non-"refurbished", or the like.
"Include Cut Apple adapter" if you want the original Apple adapter that the magsafe cable was cut from. You will NOT be able to re-attach your Magsafe cable unless you solder your own connector. This option is FREE.
"Include Apple adapter with plug" if you want to be able to continue to use your Apple adapter. The magsafe cable will plug back into the Apple adapter with our added connector, use as additional spare Apple adapter.

IMPORTANT: Adapters & Batteries MUST have the correct voltage!
Please see our reference guide for supported adapters with this Magsafe cable.

For Macbook Pro Retina & mid 2012 Macbook Air ONLY!
MAGSAFE 2 ONLY fits the new mid 2012 Macbook Air and Macbook PRO RETINA! Otherwise choose "L" Shaped Magsafe!


Magsafe 2 Cable


Magsafe 2 Cable


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