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The first two on this page will serve most just fine.


The Lind adapters are good too, they are for professional environments.
No. Apple prevents charging in the airplane cable. It does NOT have the charging circuitry built in.
Please choose L shaped magafe for ALL MacBooks, EXCEPT choose Magsafe 2 for Macbook Pro Retina and mid 2012 Macbook Air.
Please read our Blog regarding the different magsafes.
We respect Apple's patent on the magsafe connector. We also have applied for patents ourselves and it would be very unfair for someone to copy our invention. You can find other vendors out there that has tried to copy (their copy still has limitations) Apples patent without licensing. Apple has in fact started cracking down on those vendors and won the lawsuit. The solutions we offer does not infringe on Apple's patent because we are not copying the invention, just upgrading an existing product the we purchase from an Apple retailer. We have been the first on the World to offer this DC car solution from the very introduction of the Magsafe connector and wish to remain so for a long time to come.
No, the USB port an any device simply does not have enough power to power/charge the Macbook Air.
Please contact us with a picture of your Magsafe if you are not sure.
They do exactly the same thing except the Kensington combine the two power bricks into one slim unit, whereas the Mikegyver kit has two separate adapters-- one Apple AC adapter and one DC adapter. You will also have to unplug the Magsafe cable and plug it into the adapter you'll be using.
Functionally, there is not a whole lot different. The iGo appear to have more tips for more devices out there(it also comes with a dual power outlet so that you can charge a laptop and another device at the same time), whereas the Kensington is lighter and slimmer.
Assuming you want to use one adapter with two laptops, you'll need two cables, one for the Macbook air and one for your Macbook. The Macbook/MBP and Macbook Air cables require the appropriate tips. Please see our guide here.
Maybe, test show that the newest last two generation Macbook Pros may work. It will power and charge the Macbook Air as usual.
Inverters convert DC power (car/Airplane/boat power) into AC power (household power). If you are using the Apple adapter with an inverter, the Apple adapter actually converts the AC power BACK to DC power. As you can see you are wasting a tremendous amount of energy converting from DC to AC, then BACK to DC. This could mean a dead car battery sooner then you think(If using straight battery power)! This is also the reason why you cannot use inverters on airplanes because they supply limited power.
Our DC adapter just modifies the already DC power (in your car/airplane/boat) that is friendly to the laptop DC power. No wasted energy! And because it is extremely efficient, there's enough power to charge your Macbook Pro in airlines.
No. Power inverters will not work. That is the reason for our conversion. There is a wasted amount of energy converting from DC to AC then BACK to DC. In this case, you will need to use our car/air adapter (which is not an inverter).
NO! Without going to technical, it'll provide only the power the Macbook needs. It will not harm it in any way.
Yes! Please contact us first. We have customers using external batteries such as the Lind, Valance N-charge, and Powerpad.
It's an hard question to answer. But the short answer is that the panels you specify MAY trickle charge, but it MAY not be satisfactory to you. We suggest you get either larger panels (as close as you can to 60watts) or more of it and wire them in parallel. Then we'll have more confidence in the results you want. We generally would NOT recommend the Kensington adapters with solar panels because the Kensington's have low power shut off which could impact those who simply want trickle charge. Our Mikegyver adapter’s and the iGo's do not have such sensitive power shut off.
The Kensington adapter will shut off if the (car) battery is below 12v, the light on the unit itself will stay on while the magsafe will shut off. It’ll reset by unplugging it then re-plugging it back in.
From the Macbook Pro standpoint, it does not really matter as the extra wattage from the 120w Kensington is not fully used. So essentially they are the same. It does make a difference if you plan on using the 120w adapter with other things, such as both cell phone, etc at the same time as using your MBP or if you plan on fully taxing your CPU 100% all the time.
Yes, our models has built in empower plug.
Though we find this question interesting as we mention Macbook Pro in numerous places, YES!! ALL of our adapters will work with ALL MODELS of Macbooks!
For those purchasing the Mikegyver Kit, how's how it works:
1) You order conversion process.
2) We send you ONE 85w or 60w Apple power adapter and ONE Car adapter with a converted plug so that you can use the apple magsafe connector with both your 85W or 60W Apple power adapter and Car adapter.
3) (Optional) You send back your old unmodified 85w or 60W Apple power adapter with magsafe connector (As New working condition) and we refund $90.00 retainer.
YES. The Macbook Pro adapter will output the correct voltage to the Macbook and will not overpower it.
See this article(scroll to bottom):
Unfortunately we can't. The PBG4 uses 24vdc, and the MBP uses 16.5v.
The PB is actually higher voltage, but lower Amperage, while the MBP uses less voltage but higher Amps.
We really don't care, as long as the cable and the magsafe is in good, clean condition (re-sellable) if not we'll deduct some $$$ from the $90.00 retainer.
Please note. When purchasing exchange, you are asked to indicate the condition of YOUR adapter. We try to send back an adapter that is the same condition. So if you state yours is NEW, and you send us a used/worn out adapter, we will NOT refund full amount. However, if you indicate USED and we send used, then full amount will be given.

Below is an example of what we define used, so please don't expect us to refund 90.00 for this if you don’t indicate correct condition of your adapter:

Cable is dirty & Magsafe tip is all scratched up.
We don't see a problem with that. As with any adapters, we do suggest that you make sure it is properly vented.
Depending on when you need it by, you can put a RUSH order upon checkout. Please contact us to make sure it's available.
You should order "User supplied". You will get a car adapter that will work in the car AND airplanes.
Depends on how you look at it. If you want the job done, this will do the job. Let's not forget, you have no other viable options for charging in Airlines and useable in cars. No one is legally allowed to make the magsafe connector. We also assume all Warranties and provide our own. Also, the first Apple computer was made from wood. Wouldn't you consider that a Hack?
If you wish to use the apple brick adapter, you’d simply unplug the magsafe cable from the dc adapter and plug it into the apple adapter.
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This is normal behavior for some after market adapters, it will go off in a few seconds on it's own. It does not affect operation in any way.
It is probably not fully plugged in, please make sure it is fully plugged in!
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The macbook pro apple adapter (85w) actually put's out 16.5v just like the macbook adapter (60w) for normal usage.  But if you are a heavy graphics user, then it'll automatically up the voltage to 18.5 volts(85w).  During our tests, we've found that not a whole lot of people tax their macbooks Pro to the max, so the 70w is actually enough for a lot of people. If you are within the 3%, your laptop will simply slow down or stop charging your battery. It will resume charging when you reduce CPU tasks. We also choose this voltage because of Airline wattage limitations.
Please read above question. N2(B) outputs 16.5v. N3(B) 18.5v. We recommend N2(B) because of above answer to question, and to stay within limits of the power supplied on Airlines. N3(B) is recommended for those who are heavy CPU users, and not on airlines.
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See this Blog post (see the comments section). Then go here
No. There is no way to power the Surface Pro with a USB power source (Except Surface 3 (NOT Pro), USB does not have enough power to power larger devices such as the Surface Pro Tablets.
Original Genuine MS cable are the ones that have a flat silver side (left picture below). The Genuine MS Surface Pro 3 is 'fin' shaped (right picture below). The Original style (silver side) and new style for MS Surface Pro 3 (fin shaped) is NOT interchangeable; meaning the original style cable will NOT work with the new Surface Pro 3, and vice-versa because as you can see the connectors are totally different.
The LED light on the Original Genuine MS cable for our car and Battery has been disabled, but still operates normally.
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Cable LED light will work as intended.
We put extra shrink wrap on the connectors for extra strain relief. Recommended if you are commercial type applications.
No. HypeJuice batteries are NOT multi-voltage output like our batteries. They only have one voltage output and that is too high for the Surface tablets. However, you can get around this by using our compact Surface Car adapters.
We’d prefer to stand by our name by selling quality products we are proud of. The other cables you see are illegal, imitation, and inferior.

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