Sharing my Magsafe to a fellow passenger

Hi All, I was on the plane coming back from my trip, happily plugging in one of our All-in-one adapter by Lind (the professional version) so I could recharge my Macbook Pro and iPhone all at the same time, when I noticed the passenger next to me pulling out his Macbook Pro too. I happened to notice that when he plugged his in though, all it could do was keep cycling from full screen brightness to low screen brightness with the Magsafe light remaining off.

Why does this happen you might ask? Well, this Boeing 777 was one of the older style planes and so only had DC outlets.  My fellow passenger was using a standard INVERTER that converts to DC, then to AC, and back to DC (using a standard Apple AC adapter).  Now you've heard me say before, that this is "BAD!".  Not only is it VERY inefficient for your device but it also overloads the Airplane power port!

Showing none of my despair, I casually handed him my Magsafe cable and said "want to borrow mine?".  This might have just saved his day as it was quite apparent that he had a Powerpoint presentation that needed finishing and he thanked my TWICE before we disembarked.

For sure I gave him my business card after he asked to see my setup and I had happily showed him my all-in-one adapter (it can plug into any power source (AC and DC) and best of all it's NOT an Inverter).  Of course I also showed him my 24AH Boss battery which I was carrying.

So the moral of the story is this: NEVER be without one of our All-in-one adapter by Lind , as you never know when you could save someone else's presentation!

Stay powered!

Mike Lee

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